It is essential that a successful clinic keeps up with market innovations and can bring a different factors to attract and retain even more patients. One of the most effective ways to do this today is without a doubt online scheduling.

Online scheduling brings convenience and ease to scheduling an appointment, and these gains can be seen by both patients and the clinic staff as a whole. As we already mentioned here on the blog, online scheduling brings several benefits, and you can check what they are in our article on the main advantages of online scheduling.

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However it is important to know that online scheduling does not work alone, and for it to work and bring all the benefits we mentioned, it is necessary to publish it. Divulgation is a very important part and it is necessary that online scheduling occupies some prominent places for it to be seen by everyone, so now we will address how to do it in each of your communication channels.

Clinic website

The clinic's website is the best place to insert the online scheduling link because, in addition to being the clinic's official channel, it denotes more professionalism. However, it is recommended that the tool is visible so that the patient can view it quickly as soon as he accesses the site, so a highlighted and written button with an easy-to-understand font is a good choice.

Social networks: Facebook and Instagram

Both on Facebook and Instagram it is possible to insert a link in the profile description. This functionality is well used by digital influencers, major brands, stores, and establishments in general because through this link the user of the social network can access your website in an easier way.

The link can be inserted in the description of the page or through a custom button. That way, when one of your followers accesses your page, you can view the button/link more quickly. In addition, by including this information on social networks, the information becomes more explicit, and more people can use the tool.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows companies to manage their business information, that is, what is displayed to people when they search the web, including Google Maps and Google Search. The links help to ensure that all traffic coming from Google is directed to your website, so it is also possible to make it clear in the description that it is possible to make your appointments online as well.

E-mail marketing

We already mentioned here on the blog the importance of using e-mail marketing in the clinic, and without a doubt, it is also an important tool to promote online scheduling. Update your patients on this and other news from the clinic by making the link available for them to make their appointments at the time and place they find most appropriate.