E-mail is a tool used quite frequently in communication between companies and customers, whether to promote a new service, send a satisfaction survey, or even remember a special date.

Therefore, it can be said that e-mail marketing seeks to improve the relationship of a brand with people, and this strategy has been effective for several reasons, and it is precisely about its advantages that we are going to talk about now.

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E-mail marketing is a digital marketing strategy where automatic e-mail shots are made for a certain public. It is based on communication between the company and its clients, or possible clients (Leads).

The medical software Ninsaúde Apolo has e-mail marketing as one of its functionalities, and in this way, it is possible to direct e-mails to the patients of the clinic. Below are the main advantages of using email marketing in the clinic.

Possibility to segment the list of "send to"

When segmenting emails, you can choose which patient will receive a particular type of email. In Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, it is possible to segment by sex, age, services used in the clinic, ICD, and even by groups created by the health professionals themselves.

Generate content to attract and engage patients

If your clinic has a website or blog, it is possible to keep patients updated through e-mail by sending their latest publications.  Also, you can use e-mail marketing to warn patients of the importance and need for a return, among other information related to the clinic.

It is very important that this content is well prepared and that it does not only use images but also texts, as in some cases it can be confused with spam. It is necessary to create engagement through relevant content and with a frequency that the receivers do not feel uncomfortable.

Low cost

When hiring Ninsaúde Apolo to use calendar, and electronic medical records among other features, as a bonus you will still have access to email marketing, that is, you will not need to hire a tool just to automate your messages, and you can still link to email other features of the software itself, such as sending the patient's registration form or even a satisfaction survey.

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