The 27th Brazilian Hospital Fair took place between the 17th and 20th of May. The event that took place at São Paulo Expo, in the capital, attracted more than 50 thousand people and brought together health professionals and businessmen not only from Brazil but also from other countries.

The Covid-19 pandemic ended up causing several events to have to be postponed, all due to this worldwide health problem that has affected thousands of people. The last Brazilian Hospital fair took place in 2019, which until then had been a historic edition for the public and exhibitors. After this 3 year break, expectations for the event were high, and they were certainly achieved.

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The event began with an opening ceremony led by Dr. Waleska Santos - CEO of the hospital fair, besides counting on the presence of personalities such as Rodrigo Garcia (Governor of São Paulo), Marco Basso (President of Informa Marketing), Ricardo Nunes (Mayor of São Paulo), Antônio Nasser (President of ABIMED), Fábio Gastal (ONA President), Jeancarlo Gorinchteyn (Secretary of Health of São Paulo), Paulo Rebello (Director-President of ANS), among many others.

During the hospital fair 2022, companies from different parts of the world were able to exhibit their products and get in touch with people and companies with common interests. In addition to Brazil, 25 other countries were present at the event, such as Germany, Argentina, Belgium, China, South Korea, Spain, the USA, France, and Italy, among others.

In addition to the exhibitors' area, the event also featured in-person congresses, courses, and free in-person content. The congresses addressed topics such as "Innovation in Times of Transformation" and "Health and the Post-Pandemic World". The courses already had approached Cooperative Health and Supplementary Health, while the free content addressed Technology, Facilities, Rehabilitation, Home Care, Clinical Engineering, Industry, and Distributors and Health.

In 2022, the Ninsaúde team was present for the first time at the Hospital Fair, and it was a remarkable and extremely important experience for the company. CEO Helton Marinho, Customer Success Milena Romansini, and Business Analysts Emiliano Araujo and Giovani Martins were representing Ninsaúde.

From left to right: Milena, Emiliano and Giovani.

At the event, the team made contact not only with Brazilians but also with Argentines and French, to present the Apolo and Ecodoc products. In conversation with foreign representatives, it was discussed how these products would be distributed and how they could be integrated with market solutions in their respective countries, such as in your hospital systems, clinic systems, offices, etc.

During the event, the Ninsaúde team also made contact with the main Brazilian health banks, having as a strategy to bring technology to the account holders of these banks. We also managed to get in touch with the main manufacturers of equipment and tools used by healthcare professionals, as well as with the main health operators in Brazil, aiming to bring not only technology but also benefits to the providers of these operators, it is possible that they then have a more technological look at their services.

As Wednesday (18) is one of its most promising days at the fair, the Ninsaúde team also made contact with the main health groups in Brazil. These groups, which are Brazilian economic groups that involve several companies, were able to learn more about Ninsaúde's work and its products - Apolo and Ecodoc. In addition, not only doctors but also executives, presidents, students, and even investors visited the Ninsaúde stand.

Among the investors who visited the stand, there were several innovation directors from some of the main technology companies in Brazil. These companies are responsible for developing management software, and software for laboratories, among others, and all observed what steps are being taken within the health market, in addition to exchanging information and experiences with the Ninsaúde team.


The representatives of Ninsaúde who were at Hospital Fair 2022 reported in statements about the experience they had in this very important event, and what are their market perspectives given all the innovations they were able to discover at the fair. Check it out below.

"The hospital fair has been presenting for many years the most innovative in the area of health regarding inputs, technology, and services. We, as innovators in technology for managing clinics and offices, were present and made contact with exhibitors and the general public that visited the fair. On the occasion, we had the great joy of receiving a visit from some of our customers, who gave us positive feedback related to Apolo and our specialized service." - Mila Romansini, Customer Success at Ninsaúde.
Mila Romansini - Customer Success at Ninsaúde
"The annual meeting of the hospital fair is essential to generate relationships with doctors, clinics, and health institutions, as well as to strengthen ties with companies and partners in this area. In this edition of the fair, it was inevitable to notice the large presence of post-operative care companies, rehabilitation, and palliative care. We were also able to observe the presence of foreign companies, mostly from Asian countries and companies from Argentina.
The hospital fair has been an extraordinary learning experience in terms of relationships and exchange of relevant information in the health area, as we were able to talk to the main executives and companies in the related sector. In this way, we take our knowledge and expertise in technology to other areas, just as we were also able to absorb and learn from the experience of other institutions and companies." - Emiliano Araujo, Commercial Analyst at Ninsaúde.
Emiliano Araujo, Commercial Analyst at Ninsaúde.
"Particularly, this was my fourth participation in the Hospital Fair. This edition, compared to the 2019 edition, focused on patient rehabilitation, showing innovations concerning robotics in the field of physiotherapy. It was very interesting the participation of Ninsaúde in exposing Apolo and launching Ecodoc, precisely as a matter of institutional positioning. The participants of the fair, as already foreseen, in their minority were doctors, there are therefore a large number of executives and decision-makers from important companies.
It is worth remembering that the fair, in addition to being a favorable environment for business, is also an environment for updates, whether they are business, technology, and networking.  As the largest health fair in Latin America, the fair itself is based in the largest city in Latin America, with participants from countries such as Germany, South Korea, China, and the USA, among others that were present at the fair, its purpose is not only to generate business but also to generate partnerships and opportunities in other countries, mainly so that we can take Apolo and Ecodoc to other geographies." - Giovani Martins, Commercial Analyst at Ninsaúde
Giovani Martins, Commercial Analyst at Ninsaúde
"Participating in the hospital fair was important for the exchange of information and experience with other health executives. We had the opportunity to talk to the main players in the market and companies that we're innovating in the health market, which by the way, lacks innovation and technology, not only for medical software but also for equipment and materials. Preventive medicine was one of the most present subjects in all the fair's stands, and with Ninsaúde it was no different since we were able to show everything different that we are developing here, thinking not only in the management of clinics and offices but everything that has some relation with medical software.
In addition, during the fair, we exclusively launched our first app for independent healthcare professionals, with technology 10 times more advanced than the technologies on the market. During the event, we were able to talk to people not only from Brazil, which is our focus, but also France, and countries in Asia and the Pacific, which are the places where Ninsaúde wants to focus its product." - Helton Marinho, CEO of Ninsaúde.
Helton Marinho, CEO of Ninsaúde.

The Ninsaúde team returns home with the feeling of accomplishment and very satisfied with the experience that the fair has provided them. We hope to be able to participate more often in the event, contributing more and more to the technological growth not only in Brazil but also in other countries of the world.

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