A podcast is audio content very similar to radio programs, however, it has a difference: it can be heard at any time the user wants.

Although this media format appeared in Brazil in 2004, only in recent years has there been an increase in the production of this type of content. Health professionals from the most diverse specialties have also joined the podcasts, either as listeners or content producers, and we have already commented on how to use the podcast to your advantage in medicine.

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Despite the number of doctors who have been creating podcasts to attract new patients and bring information to society, some create exclusive content for those already working in the health field or medical students.

Check now 10 podcast tips focused on science and health.


As one of the oldest podcasts in the medical field, MedCast is also the most accessed. Aimed at doctors and medical students, it addresses topics such as medical ethics, clinical topics, career development, and interviews with leading physicians.

Listen to MedCast

Ausculta Cast

In addition to a new form of study, Ausculta Cast addresses the main current topics in medicine. It has interviews, clinical reviews, and scientific articles.

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Conversa de médico

Conversa de Médico is the Portuguese version of the Medscape podcast, a website that provides access to medical information for clinicians and continuing education for health professionals. The podcast addresses recent scientific evidence and the dilemmas of clinical practice in informative discussions with recognized experts in their fields.

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Dragões de garagem

Dragões de garagem or "Garage Dragons', was born in 2012 as a podcast for scientific dissemination, from the desire to talk about science in an accessible and relaxed way, encouraging curiosity and critical thinking.

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Medicina em debate

Intending to reach health professionals and students, Medicina em debate is a podcast that addresses medicine, health, politics, and opinion. It also aims to reach the general population who often do not know where to look for quality information.

Liston to Medicina em debate

Médico empreendedor

With a focus on digital marketing for doctors, the podcast shares new ways to profit and grow in this career with ethics and intelligence.

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Saúde in Cast

Saúde em Cast is the podcast of IVENS, Vocare de Ensino Institute. It addresses topics related to health in a light and practical way. Every week a different topic is discussed by the specialist professors.

Listen to Saúde in cast

Saúde Digital on Demand

Saúde Digital on Demand is the podcast of Saúde Digital Ecosystem, which in addition to podcasts produces face-to-face meetings, videos, and texts to inform, inspire, and equip doctors and health professionals. It has content on innovations, technologies, and trends in health.

Listen to Saúde digital on demand

VIA ORAL healthcare podcast

Presented by Paulo Crepaldi, the podcast brings invited experts from the health field to discuss topics on medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and technology.

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PEBMED - medical news

PEBMED is a technology company that produces content made by doctors for doctors to assist health professionals when making clinical decisions. The Podcast features medical news and other medical topics.

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