The Mayo Clinic hospital has been on the list of top US hospitals for 6 years. The hospital has three main offices, in the states of Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota, and also has a branch in London; with a total of 16 hospitals in its network and 46 clinics with medical attendants.

The Mayo Clinic system gives patients in distant locations the opportunity to receive online care from all areas of health, with more than 100 medical, surgical and different specialties. It also has a mobile health clinic, which provides care to people in rural areas of Southern Minnesota. Mayo Clinic also works with representative offices in other countries such as Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and El Salvador.

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When it comes to quality of care, Mayo Clinic is the healthcare facility that is most often ranked at the top of the best healthcare facility rankings than any other healthcare organization. The titles and awards acquired over the years reinforce Mayo Hospital's commitment to always providing high-quality care to each patient, every day.

Thirteen Mayo Clinic hospitals received a rating from Overall Hospital Quality Star Ratings, and of these thirteen, six of the hospitals were classified as 5 stars - the highest and best rating. The national average of the other hospitals listed in the US in this rating is 3 stars.

For the 5-star classification, seven main categories are taken into account, namely:

  • Mortality;
  • Security in attendance;
  • Readmissions;
  • Patient experience;
  • Effectiveness of medical care;
  • Service time;
  • Efficient use of images.

Of the hospitals that earn the 5 stars of the maximum rating, being only 6.33% among American hospitals. Mayo has several achievements in the field of quality and excellence in medical care, you can check all the awards, mentions, and rankings here.

Besides providing easy service on its websites and phone, Mayo cares about international patients by offering multilingual professionals to meet the needs of patients, from their registration to financial matters, providing a calculator that estimates patient expenses for desired services.

Every year, patients from over 140 countries travel to the Mayo hospital for some care, to make it even easier, the Mayo Clinic provides a guide on what to bring to your care or stay at the hospital, how to get there safely and what to expect from the service and your time there, including some safety tips since the concern with the COVID-19 pandemic, still exists.


Free service

Mayo Clinic also provides free treatments and medical care for people who are unable to pay privately or with health insurance, and are included in these free services:

  • Fair and consistent billing practices, including charitable assistance and financial assistance policies and a standard application process;
  • Providing extended payment options and payment terms, medically necessary services at reduced rates or at no cost to patients eligible for financial assistance;
  • Providing emergency care regardless of the patient's financial condition.

The Mayo Clinic Hospital determines the need for financial assistance through procedures that review procedures requested by healthcare professionals, covered by the health plan or other forms of payment, and through a form applied to requesting patients. This method allows patients who are in financial difficulties to be treated fairly and accurately.

The health information required on the financial aid form may include proof of annual household income, assets in family members' names, household size, and confirmation of enrollment in all types of insurance, including Medicaid if eligible. International patients unfortunately cannot claim free treatment.

Research and Education

The Mayo Clinic healthcare system has experienced an increase in research requests over the past 3 years, working closely with colleges and universities in research, development, and investigation to support and provide opportunities for medical students and faculty.

Twenty-one sponsored research and innovation collaboration projects were awarded to fund various sciences, student projects, quality initiatives, and patient-driven research studies to support research growth.

Mayo Clinic also created new COVID-19 research trials in 2020 to help meet the changing needs of its patients.

Mayo Clinic also has a health sciences school, which is committed to educating future professionals in the field, helping to take the institution's name beyond the hospital walls. The main objective is to be the national and international leader in the transformation of education in the area of health.

The Mayo Clinic network and its international physicians work together to solve medical challenges, always putting the patient's interest first, giving access to high-tech treatments, joining forces, and knowledge are necessary. The network includes hundreds of physicians, who collaborate to improve clinical outcomes and advance healthcare. For this reason, Mayo also accepts volunteers who want to work linked to the institution, in different locations.

When it comes to the health of minorities and their well-being, Mayo also has programs for marginalized communities suffering from health inequality. Mayo researches potential treatments for cancers, heart disease, memory-related problems, and other diseases that afflict a minority and conduct clinical trials, which the population can apply for free treatment.


Patients' Rights, Responsibilities, and Privacy

To maintain a good relationship with patients, Mayo Clinic believes that patients in their care should be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect, and so it organized a list of basic rights for everyone, creating the program "Speak up", which brings information, solves doubts and gives clarification to patients and their families.

Like all hospitals, Mayo Clinic has to protect and safeguard the privacy and data of its patients. Therefore, they limit the access of health data to only the information necessary for the patient's treatment and that is relevant for each employee to perform their role well for those in their care.

When patients are admitted for any healthcare intervention, they receive a copy of the privacy policies established and followed by Mayo Clinic, and must sign a waiver agreeing to them. These measures and others are followed and are following the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It also gives patients the chance to request a review of their medical record if they believe it is incorrect or incomplete.

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