With management software, the work in clinics and offices is more practical, and the benefits are numerous for all users, whether they are secretaries, administrators, or health professionals.

At Ninsaúde Apolo, the most diverse specialties can enjoy features that, in addition to bringing practicality, streamline work in the clinic and facilitate care. Today we are going to get to know the five software tools that most benefit dental professionals: dentists.

Multiclinical and multi-professional agenda

Ninsaúde Apolo's agenda brings several features that add even more when including an appointment. Suppose the clinic has more than one health professional. In that case, the secretary can view all appointments between professionals, or if you prefer, you can view all appointments of the day, from all professionals, on the same screen.

If the clinic has more than one service unit, it is also possible to separate these appointments per unit. Besides, you will be able to define which users will be able to view or not the agenda of a specific branch so that secretaries and receptionists from different service locations are not confused with the appointments.

Other scheduling advantages available at Ninsaúde Apolo are room registration and events. When registering rooms in the system, the moment the patient is scheduled, the secretary will be able to define in which room the service will be performed. The calendar events can be used as a reminder or to block specific dates so that no patient is scheduled for that period.

The agenda of Ninsaúde Apolo is also multi-procedures, that is, in the same schedule, it is possible to insert more than one service. This is extremely important for the health professional, because, when scheduling with a dentist, the patient ends up performing several procedures in a single consultation. Therefore, it is necessary to specify in the agenda which procedures are these, and in Ninsaúde Apolo's agenda, this is possible.

Still talking about scheduling, in addition to all these advantages above, the Ninsaúde Apolo user can also use the online scheduling function, where through a link, which can be inserted on the clinic's website or social networks, the patient can schedule your query.

By far the main advantage of online scheduling is the fact that it is available every day for 24 hours, which means that that portion of patients who have a more hectic routine can create their schedule at the time that is most favorable to them, just being connected to the internet.

Electronic medical record

With the electronic medical record of Ninsaúde Apolo, the health professional can type or even dictate the evolution of the patient while viewing his medical history. It is possible to insert up to four cards at the top of the screen so that you can quickly view information about the patient, such as health insurance, allergies, CIDs, and charts, among others.

Within the medical record screen, the health professional can also perform actions such as print prescriptions, certificates, and other documents, make comparisons between the patient's evolution using graphics, attach images or videos, use ready-made forms and odontograms, in addition to other tools available in the software.

Digital odontogram

The odontogram is an indispensable tool for dental professionals. Its use is essential so that health professionals can carry out their activities with greater precision. The advantage of using a digital odontogram that is linked to the software used in the clinic is that the health professional can insert all the patient's information, preventing information from being scattered or lost.

With the digital odontogram of Ninsaúde Apolo, it is also possible for the dentist to monitor all the procedures performed on the patient during the consultations. With it, it is possible to insert new information keeping the entire history aligned and without scribbles, unlike the paper odontogram. If the professional uses the Ninsaúde Apolo odontogram, he can also:

  • Modify the treatment status according to its progress;
  • Make markings in different areas of the face of the teeth;
  • Insert observations about a given treatment individually, according to the tooth;
  • Select the type of illustration that will appear in the history during a given treatment (orthodontic treatment, with a pin, missing tooth, or implant);
  • Create a budget

You can find out more details about this functionality in our article "How the Ninsaúde Apolo odontogram works".

Inventory control

Inventory control is the process of monitoring the entire inflow and outflow of stored products, and its objective is to ensure the smooth functioning of all operations that depend, directly and indirectly, on these goods.

When using software that has a good inventory control tool, it is possible to anticipate some needs, such as the purchase and replacement of goods, optimize the physical storage space, and reduce the incidence of losses due to theft or due to expiry of delivery deadlines. the validity, among others.

Financial control

With Ninsaúde Apolo, your office or clinic's finances will always be up-to-date, because the system's finance module has securities management, cash flow, professional commission, DRE, as well as bank reconciliation, graphics, and reports.

With recurring payments and receipts, you only have to make the entry once, and configure the system to repeat the title weekly, monthly, or annually. Whenever you pay security, be it payment or receipt, the balance of bank accounts registered in the system updates automatically, so that you know exactly the amount you have in the real account.

In addition to these features, many others are available at Ninsaúde Apolo, which can assist the health professional and the clinic's secretary and administrators.

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