In the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, you can register the clinic's service rooms and use the display functionality, where through tablets fixed on the doors the patient can locate the room where he will be assisted.

First, it is necessary to understand how the scheduling works for Ninsaúde Apolo rooms. Basically, with this functionality, it is possible to choose in which clinic room the service will be performed and thus reserve it for specific health professionals.

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The user can register several rooms in the system, and enter their names. For example "Endoscopy", "Ultrasonography", or "Room 01", "Room 02", etc. At the time of scheduling, when inserting the patient on the agenda, just inform also which of these rooms he will be attended to. You can check out more details in our article "Uncomplicate your clinic with Ninsaúde Apolo's room scheduling".

How to use the display?

As mentioned above, first, whenever you schedule a patient, you must inform the system which will be the care room. For the display to update with the patient's name, the scheduling status must be "Stand-by" or "Attended".

When accessing the Schedules menu and submenu, the user must press on the 3 dots (...) of the agenda, where he will have access to some tools, among them, the display. When pressing on "Synchronize display", the user must select one of the rooms registered in the system, and aim the tablet (with QR Code reader application) for the code that appears on the screen.

That done, just open the link on the tablet through an internet browser and make sure that the tablet is configured so that the screen does not go into sleep mode or is blocked.

The display will show patients seen in the last 60 minutes and future appointments within the next 20 minutes (if they are in Waiting status). Besides the name of the patients, the name of the room, a photo of the health professional (if he has inserted one in his system user registry), the name of the professional and his specialty will be included.

With this tool in hand, it is much easier to find the care room, so that it is no longer necessary for the secretary or receptionist to travel to assist the patient, with rare exceptions.

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