Some special dates must be remembered so that it is possible to create a bond and closer ties between patients and health professionals, in addition to assisting in what we call humanized care.

Dates like Christmas and birthday are the most used in this type of action, however, it is known that Christmas for example, is celebrated by everyone on the same day, so you will only have to worry about sending a message once a year. However, how to proceed on the birthday of your patients, since this is a unique and individual date for each of them?

The first step in a successful action is to know the birthday of each of your patients, and for that, it is important that their registration form is filled in correctly to have all dates in hand. Without management software for clinics, this mission is practically impossible, so the first tip we give you is: to use medical software.

Medical software, in addition to having electronic medical records and health professionals' agendas in a more organized way, also includes several other functionalities and stores data much more quickly and safely. With software, it is possible to list and even send messages automatically to all birthdays. To better illustrate the situation, let's take the example of the Ninsaúde Apolo software.

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How to list the birthday patients?

At Ninsaúde Apolo you can check birthdays two ways. The first is on the system's home screen, where it is possible to fix several cards with information about the clinic, including the birthdays of the month. To make it easier, the system updates with birthdays only for the current day, in alphabetical order, but it is possible to check other dates as well.

With the card on the home screen, in addition to the name and date of birth, the patient's phone number is also in evidence, as this way it is possible to make calls or send messages from the information contained on the screen.

Another way to check who the birthday patients are is through reports. Ninsaúde Apolo has a report where it is possible to filter information by month, a specific period, or the whole year.

Finally, the most practical and effective method of congratulating your patients: is email marketing. With email marketing, it is possible to schedule the sending of congratulations based on the date of birth inserted in the patient's registration form.

For this, after setting the default message, choose to send on the birthday, set a time, and ready, your patients will receive your congratulations automatically. In order for the e-mail to be more personalized, it is also possible to use automatic texts in the body of the e-mail, that is, variables that at the time of sending will be replaced by the information present in the system, such as information from the clinic, scheduling, or of the patient himself.

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