The work in the clinic's reception is always very agitated, and after all the more patients you have, the more work there is to do. Answering the phones, confirming schedules, and making the check-in of patients are just some of the examples.

But, even with the busy routine, there is a way of making the job simpler and more agile, and to that be possible is necessary the use software in clinics, like Ninsaúde's Apolo.

Just a pause before we continue, did you know that the Ninsaúde Apolo clinic and office management system is perfect for health clinics? We always work with new improvements, and discover exclusive advantages here.

The Ninsaúde's Apolo is software that counts with many features that make everyday life easier, not only for the receptionists but also for the administrators and especially the physicians. Check the following list with some of the features that speed up the reception as you schedule a patient with Ninsaúde's Apolo.


One of the most efficient ways to decongest telephone lines in the clinic is using online scheduling. Having an online presence is fundamental to health marketing, and with a site or active social media, you can also provide a link where the patients can schedule their appointments. For more information check our article where we explain how online scheduling works in Ninsaúde's Apolo.


After you inserted the scheduled service is necessary to fulfill the date and time of the appointment, and with de "available" feature this action got away more simple, that's because the system opens a table with only the available days and hours, so the secretary does not need to pass all days in the agenda searching for a spot to place the patient. Then, you just need to click on the chosen time, and the camps will be automatically filled.


There are situations where the patient can use the visit to the clinic to see more than one physician in a day. As you do the schedule, depending on the software used, the secretary will have to repeat the scheduling process on every agenda.

This does not occur with Ninsaúde's Apolo, because of the feature "add professional" the secretary can create two or more appointments in different professional agendas without leaving the schedule tab.


Imagine how many hours a secretary takes to call all patients and confirm the appointments. In the meantime, other tasks are piling up, and there's nothing do to, as it is necessary to obtain these confirmations.

With the feature of WhatsApp confirmation of Ninsaúde's Apolo, with very few clicks the secretary sends messages with a link that patients can use to respond if they will show up or not to the appointment, and if the answer the system automatically changes the status in the schedule to confirmed or canceled, saving time at the reception.


E-mail marketing is a feature that allows the schedule of different types of e-mail, and among them, the register file.

With this, the patient can receive and fulfill himself the register, some days before the appointment, which helps in the correct information being added and speeds up the process in the reception.


Arriving at the clinic is necessary to collect the patient information, which can take some time. Besides the option of sending the register through e-mail, it is also possible for the patient to fulfill the register in the reception using a tablet or smartphone.

With the device in hand and a QR-code reader app, just point the camera to the code and give it to the patient to add in its information.  When it is done, the patient just needs to press "send"  and then, in the system, the secretary must press "sync information". Done, the register file is all filled up!

It is worth mentioning that in addition to these, many other features can assist users of Ninsaúde's Apolo to increase productiveness and speed up the daily process. To know more keep following our blog.

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