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In modern clinical environments, where efficiency and clear communication are essential, call panels emerge as vital tools to enhance workflow and improve the patient experience. These systems, which replace traditional calling methods, are crucial for the daily functioning of clinics, as they provide a visual and auditory solution for patient management.

Furthermore, these call panels are designed to be intuitive and accessible, allowing doctors and nurses to respond quickly to patient needs without significant delays. They also offer a unique platform for marketing strategies within the clinic. Between calls to patients, it is possible to display advertisements for additional services, seasonal health promotions, or information about new specialties offered by the clinic. This not only optimizes the use of digital space but also increases patient awareness of the range of services available, potentially increasing the utilization of services and improving the financial outcomes of the institution.

Find out in this article the importance of call panels for clinics, how this resource can improve the patient experience, and also be used as a marketing tool adding value to the clinic's services.

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Efficiency and Organization

Call panels significantly contribute to the operational efficiency of clinics. By displaying patient names on the screen, along with the name of the healthcare professional responsible and the treatment room, these systems eliminate confusions and delays often associated with oral communication. This not only optimizes patient waiting times but also enables clinic staff to manage their tasks more effectively.

Furthermore, the ability to update information in real-time allows for agile adjustments in scheduling and resource allocation, reducing downtime and maximizing service capacity. The integration of these panels with electronic health management systems also facilitates access to essential medical data, ensuring that the staff is always informed about patients’ conditions and history, thereby improving the quality of care provided.

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Stress Reduction and Communication Improvement

In a clinical environment, where stress can be a constant for both patients and professionals, the call panel serves as a quiet and efficient point of communication. The ability to customize messages and emit soft auditory alerts reduces patient anxiety while waiting their turn, creating a more welcoming and organized environment.

An example of this is the call panel from the Ninsaúde Clinic system. With this tool, the user can choose the type of sound that will be played at the time of the call. The available sounds for calling are: echoing, loud bell, discreet, double bell, traditional, and Christmas-themed. All are extremely soft and have a maximum duration of two seconds. In addition to the chosen sound as an "alarm," the panel is also capable of playing the name of the patient being called (this, however, through an automated voice with no choice available).

Another advantage is the visual and auditory clarity of the panels, which helps prevent misunderstandings and improve communication between the team and patients, ensuring that information is received correctly and promptly. This improvement in communication significantly contributes to a calmer atmosphere within the clinic, allowing healthcare professionals to focus better on their tasks without the frequent interruptions that traditional calling methods can cause.

Case Study: Ninsaúde Clinic Call Panel

A notable example of the advanced functionality of these systems is the Ninsaúde Clinic call panel. This technology not only displays the name of the next patient to be served and the corresponding healthcare professional, but, as mentioned earlier, it also allows for the inclusion of personalized messages and a sound alert that accompanies the calling of the patient's name. This dual approach of visual and auditory communication ensures that the patient is aware of their turn without the need for constant checks, making the waiting process more pleasant and manageable.

Furthermore, the panel is incredibly flexible, allowing both reception staff and healthcare professionals to make calls. For healthcare professionals, this means a smooth integration between managing their appointments and patient care, as they can choose to call the patient directly from the panel at the time of service. For the receptionist or secretary, the functionality is accessible directly from the schedule, facilitating the management of appointments and calls.

Ninsaúde Clinic Call Panel

Marketing and Profitability with Call Panels

The Ninsaúde Clinic call panel extends beyond its primary function of streamlining patient care to also serve as a strategic channel for marketing and revenue enhancement. In the intervals between patient calls, the panel becomes a platform for strategically selected advertisements, opening up new opportunities for profitability and customer engagement. Discover how to enhance your clinic’s visibility using the call panel:

Health Education Campaigns

Using the call panel, it is possible to broadcast essential health education content. This may include campaigns focused on raising awareness and preventing chronic diseases, advice on health and wellness, vaccination details, and preventive strategies for various ailments. These initiatives not only instruct and educate patients but also reinforce the clinic’s commitment to public health and disease prevention, enhancing its reputation as an entity deeply concerned with community well-being.

Clinic Service Promotion

The call panel is an excellent tool for promoting all the services the clinic offers. From regular check-ups and specialized consultations to vaccinations and various medical follow-ups. By highlighting these services, the clinic not only broadens awareness of its capabilities but also encourages patients to take an active part in their own healthcare. Additionally, it can be used to promote new technologies or therapeutic methods available at the clinic, solidifying its image as a hub of medical innovation.

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Partnerships with Pharmacies and Health Product Suppliers

Displaying advertisements for health-related products in partnership with pharmacies and other suppliers can generate significant additional revenue. Such collaborations may involve promoting prescription medications, nutritional supplements, home health monitoring devices, and other wellness products. These ads are particularly effective when targeted at specific conditions or needs of the clinic’s patients, offering a more tailored and relevant experience.

Targeted Advertisements

By utilizing patient demographic data and health information, the clinic can more accurately target its advertisements, showcasing products and services that are truly relevant to its audience. This can include customized recommendations for preventative screenings based on age or gender, details on managing specific chronic diseases, or health and wellness products aligned with the patients’ needs and interests. This targeted marketing approach not only enhances the effectiveness of promotional activities but also enriches the patient experience, making them feel more valued and cared for by the clinic.

Technological Implementation

To implement a call panel like the Ninsaúde Clinic, a monitor connected to the reception computer via HDMI cable or Chromecast is required. This simple yet robust connection allows for the smooth transmission of information and the visual clarity that are essential for the effective functioning of the panel.

Additionally, the call panel can also be connected via wireless HDMI. This device is nothing more than a digital conductive interface that allows the transmission of uncompressed data. Besides having a much higher transmission quality than most other alternatives, HDMI can transmit both video and audio without the need for additional cables, and is compatible with any device.

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Wireless HDMI Receiver and Transmitter

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