With the latest events involving the great coronavirus pandemic, the need to use telemedicine to carry out consultations was identified while Brazil is going through a period of isolation.

Although many claims that technology can distance people, in this case, we can highlight some benefits that telemedicine brings while maintaining humanized care.

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As we already mentioned in our article on what it is and how to provide humanized care, one of its characteristics is the fact that it conveys confidence to the patient so that he feels special, thus having a unique experience. In this sense, when delivering a personalized digital relationship to your patient, it is also possible to keep in touch with him outside the clinic or office in a safe way, which can strengthen the bonds of trust.

There are also those cases in which attendance could take a little more time in person, but which are initiated more quickly in telemedicine, such as when there is an emergency or questions related to treatment. In many cases, consultations may be delayed or it may be necessary to schedule the appointment days in advance just to clear up a brief doubt, however, in telemedicine the patient does not need to wait since the service is done immediately most of the time.

Another positive point when we talk about humanization in telemedicine concerns assertiveness and agility in diagnoses. Generally in face-to-face care, when the patient must go through several professionals, communication between them is more difficult (or sometimes even null). With telemedicine, it is much faster and more practical to unite these health professionals so that they can deliver a more complete treatment to the patient.

Thus, we can say that telemedicine also unites people when necessary, and we affirm that yes, it is possible to practice humanized care through it. We emphasize that for the success of a service, even in telemedicine, some points are of paramount importance, such as the choice of a good location to make the video calls and keep the total focus on the patient.