Health professionals who choose to open offices have the advantage of being able to print their style and visual identity in the decoration. The offices, since they are smaller than the clinics, can also transmit to the patient the feeling of a more cozy environment, however, for this to happen, it is necessary to have the correct decoration.

When it comes to decoration, many may imagine that it is necessary to shell out a large amount of money to make the environment cozy and ideal to please patients, but the fact is that by following small tips you can get the result you want.

Check out the following essential tips for decorating your office.

Invest in the reception

It is at the reception that the first contact of the patient takes place in the office, so this place has an important role in the perception that the patient will have about his business, and it is necessary to set up an environment that is not only beautiful but also cozy and comfortable.

When the office is small, it is necessary to use a few tricks so that the environment feels spacious. This implies the use of lighter colors and the absence of partitions. Mirrors can also give the feeling of a wider environment.

Regarding the disposition of the furniture, there must be a free space for the circulation of patients and their companions. The armchairs must be comfortable and one must pay attention to the number of patients attended per hour so that no one is left without a seat. Colors do not need to be repeated between objects to match, but there needs to be harmony between tones.

For decorative items, you can use paintings and even plants, such as flowers, whether they are natural or artificial. It is worth mentioning that artificial plants usually accumulate a lot of dust, so they must be always very clean. If you choose natural flowers, it is important to be aware of the allergy factor.

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Your office, your style

In several clinics and offices, what has been noticed is the presence of light colors, and often even an environment was taken by the white color. As previously mentioned, light colors can bring the feeling of a wider environment, but nothing prevents the decoration from being composed of colors that synthesize your style.

Adding your personal touch to the decor makes your personality impressed in the environment, so the tip here is to print your style in the office. A contemporary style allows you to use armchairs and furniture with straight lines and sober colors. For a more relaxed style, colorful armchairs and a wall in a prominent tone can make a difference.

Mix materials and textures

Textures must transmit comfort as well as your furniture because the texture is one of the elements that invite interaction, as it is perceived by touch. In this sense, avoid harsh textures that can cause chills on your sofas, chairs, bathrooms, etc.

Using different types of textures results in a more interesting design, which means that you can choose different textures for a piece, such as leather, wood, glass, fabric, stone, and porcelain.  However, if you prefer, you can also use a single texture for the entire space with different colors, which can make your decor quite interesting and attractive as well. Some mixing suggestions are:

  • Leather: looks great on upholstery, and can be present in armchairs that have exposed wooden parts, for example. However, it can bring the sensation of cold because it is an icy texture, use with caution;
  • Wood: as it is an element that causes heat, it can be used in panels, pictures, desk, blinds, and on the floor;
  • Glass: can be mixed with wooden items to make the environment lighter;
  • Marble: can be present on tables, counters, or even part of the floor.

Opt for indirect lighting

Good lighting is essential for a harmonious working environment. Generally, when we talk about hospital environments, there is an association with direct and white lighting, however, it is not necessary to insert the office reception in this context.

Give preference to indirect lighting, that is, one that conveys the feeling of comfort, and opts for the yellow LED lights, which make the environment cozier. You can also use pendants and floor lamps, for example.

It is also important that there is an adequate proportion of natural and artificial light, preferably if possible, one should have a view of outdoor spaces such as patios and gardens, which provides a sense of calm in the place.

Reserve a place for a kid's space

Even if your specialty is not exclusively dedicated to the care of children, it is important to have an average of the age group you serve, so that you consider the possibility of creating a kids' space.

It may also be a good idea to reserve a corner in the waiting room so that the patients' children have some distractions.

In the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, it is possible to know the age range of the patients seen through a graph, where the exact percentage and number of patients in each age range are available.

When hovering the mouse cursor over the age group, the software shows the exact number and percentage of calls for the selected period.

The kids' space should contain distractions so that children can wait for care, and just as in many offices there are magazines for adults, in the same proportion it can include books and toys, a corner to color, and maybe even movies of children's characters.