The 58th Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery took place between the 16th and 19th of November. The event took place at the Goiânia Convention Center, in the capital of Goiás, attracted thousands of people, and brought together health professionals and businessmen not only from Brazil but also from other countries.

Over these four days of the event, there were more than 550 speakers sharing knowledge in approximately 80 lectures, round tables, and practical courses. In addition, 34 international guests representing countries such as the United States, Argentina, Spain, and Italy, among others, were also present.

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In 2022, the Ninsaúde team was present for the first time at the Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery, the event held by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. The Commercial Analysts Emiliano Araújo and Jaína Toledo were representing Ninsaúde.

During the event, Ninsaúde representatives made contact with several professionals in the field of Plastic Surgery, including residents, and even companies in the field of Digital Signature and Augmented Reality. With this, Ninsaúde hopes to establish good partnerships in favor of the health market, not only in Brazil but also internationally.

Emiliano Araújo says "Any social event is synonymous with relationships, and for this reason, I believe that the presence of Ninsaúde in Congresses is extremely important and relevant. They are places where health professionals, physicians, and medical residents have the opportunity to discover not only the success of the Ninsaúde Apolo brand but also of several other brands, as well as know what makes each one of them different and strengthen relationships, all this added to the medical knowledge that the congresses bring to health professionals".

Ninsaúde Apolo stand

According to a message from President Lydia Masako Ferreira, "With an innovative focus on scientific events (international insertion, emphasis on cutting-edge themes beyond borders and practical courses), printed as one of the platforms of this management, the days have had a massive presence of young people, eager to learn and to discuss new fronts. With this initiative, Sociedade presented a significant increase in the number of participants in events. The success of the first journey, the Jornada Centro Oeste, in Brasília, had a positive impact, both scientifically and socially, and also with our stakeholders who expressed their praise for the event".

Still, according to Lydia, the event had a 141% increase in the registration rate compared to previous years, having a leap from 140 to 338 participants in 2022. Lydia comments that "The Jornada Sul, with its special charm for having a traditional Meeting of Residents of the South Region, had an important impact on society and the local community, raising the specialty for the population. The previous average was 170 subscribers and this year it was 220 subscribers (an increase of 30%)".

Testimonials - Ninsaúde Apolo Team

Ninsaude representatives who attended the 2022 Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery reported in testimonials how their experience was at this very important event and commented on their market prospects, given the contacts they made at the event. Check it out below.

"Particularly, the fact that Ninsaúde could participate in the 58th Congress of Plastic Surgery was an essential activity, because it provided terms known to doctors and software companies in the same area, able to strengthen relationships with both, not only acquiring experience in the health market but also knowing the difficulties and advantages, both from commercial partners and from the users of our services.
Regarding the event, was very well organized, with an excellent structure, not to mention the exceptional service provided by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, which gave full support to both participating physicians and lecturers, and to brand exhibitors. It certainly was a great experience, not only for the Ninsaúde Apolo brand but also for our personal growth as professionals in the field." - Emiliano Araujo, Commercial Analyst Ninsaúde.
On the left, Jaína and Emiliano; On the right, Emiliano and Jaína with Marcela Vilela, winner of the 4th Residents' Cup.
"The participation of health techs in congresses is extremely important for their solidification, being an important resource for entrepreneurs to demonstrate the result of their work and innovations. In an event of this size where doctors, health professionals, teachers, and students around a topic of common interest to debate, presenting and learning about ongoing or recently completed research is an important step in knowing how to deal with the healthcare segment, which is constantly changing." - Jaína Toledo, Ninsaude Commercial Analyst.

Ninsaúde Apolo and Plastic Surgery

The system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics has several functionalities that serve professionals in the field of Plastic Surgery. For this reason, our mission in this 58th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery was to present the system to those who still do not know it. During the event, between one contact and another, visitors to the Congress were able to see in practice some functionalities of the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, in addition to exchanging ideas about the healthcare market and its challenges.

Ninsaúde Apolo stand details

In addition to tools that help with scheduling, such as confirmation via WhatsApp, and sending a registration form via email marketing, among others, As an example, we can mention the file tool, where doctors will be able to insert images before and after surgery and, in this way, deliver comparisons to their patients.

Other features that tend to be successful are form templates and graphics. Both functionalities are used together, and after completing forms containing information about the service, when using chart charts, the health professional will be able to make comparisons with each patient's evolution, which makes it possible to know how he is reacting to certain procedures and treatments.

System for Ninsaude Apolo clinics

With the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics, it is also possible to create groups of patients. With the groups, you can monitor your patients from the beginning of their journey and thus follow even more precisely the details of each case. You will be able to group your patients into risk groups, care, patient profile, and surgery profile, among others, and thus be able to accompany them through cards in the medical record, lists and prospects.

Do you want to capture more clients and increase your number of surgeries? The system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics has the CRM Clinic funnel, an essential tool to organize your leads and classify your contacts in stages. In addition, you can generate prospecting reports to find out who are the patients who scheduled only once and did not return, thus being able to group them and get in touch using the e-mail marketing present in the software itself.

In addition to these functionalities, the system for medical clinics in Ninsaúde Apolo has many other tools to offer, including for the benefit of other specialties. How about contacting our sales team for more details? Also, keep following the blog for more content like this, and stay informed about what's new. Are you a healthcare professional but still don't use management software? Get to know the system for Ninsaúde Apolo clinics.