One of the ways to measure the results obtained in the clinic, financially speaking, is through the evaluation of your cash flow. Cash flow is a management tool that represents the movement of cash inflows and outflows in a given period in the company.

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In the Ninsaúde Apolo management system for clinics, with the cash flow functionality, all amounts posted as receipts and payments are automatically calculated, so the importance is not to forget to make such entries. We talked about this in our article "The importance of cash flow in the clinic and how to do it".

When starting your activities with the software, you must add bank accounts and their respective balances. These amounts will form the opening balance. From the opening balance to the extent that expenses (outflows) and income (inflows) are included, the balance for the period (also called the operational balance) will be obtained, which will be added to the initial balance and will define the accumulated balance, that is, the amount your clinic is currently billing.

In Ninsaúde Apolo the cash flow area shows us the values obtained in the last 12 months, however, it is possible through the option "More filters" to insert a period of your choice. Observe the example below, where the user applies the filter to access the information for May:

To better understand cash flow, here's how to interpret each of the elements below:

  • The amount in parentheses described as the accumulated balance refers to the opening balance of the period selected in the filter ($ 2,396,049.81).
  • In the same line, there is an accumulated balance for each month. In May, for example, the accumulated balance was $ 10,693,034.71.
  • Below the accumulated balance there is the balance for the period. Note that if this balance is green it means that we had more receipts than expenses. If it is red it means that more payments were made than received in that period. In the example above, the balance for the May period was $ 13,310.53.
  • Note that it is possible to select income and expenses. When performing this action, the system shows us the selected balance, below the balance for the period. By selecting only a few categories in receipts, it is possible to know how much each category earned in a given period. Further down, we can do the same by selecting payment titles, so that we can analyze which categories are resulting in the highest expenses.

The cash flow can be analyzed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, for that, it is enough to apply the filters as in the example above. In addition to the period filter, you can also select only some of the registered bank accounts.

If the clinic has more than one unit, you can choose which filters to analyze. Leaving the filter blank, the results will automatically refer to all units.

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