You have certainly heard of "rush hour", synonymous with the expression peak hour, which is often used to inform a certain period of the day when something is usually busy, whether in traffic, in use of electricity, or even in clinics and offices.

Having a tool at your fingertips that indicates the clinic's peak times is essential for you to better distribute care. In Ninsaúde Apolo, for example, it is possible to view this information with the busy hours graph.

Just a pause before we continue, did you know that the Ninsaúde Apolo clinic and office management system is perfect for health clinics? We always work with new improvements, and discover exclusive advantages here.

All Ninsaúde Apolo graphs present information generated by the last 12 months for all branches, but with the option "More filters" you can choose a period, and one or more specific branches to track your results.

With these data in hand, you will know which times are the most disputed in the clinic, that is, those with the highest flow of appointments. Therefore, you can reserve them for patients who pay for the private consultation, leaving the insurance attendances that offer long periods of receipt for the less disputed times.

Besides, knowing that some hours have a greater demand among patients, you can reserve it and use this strategy to better define the agenda concerning other commitments and tasks: meetings, service to suppliers, cleaning rooms, etc.

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