Medical congresses are great events for exchanging information among colleagues in the health field, as they enable the professional to stay abreast of news related to their specialty, as well as studying clinical cases. Therefore, as it is a long-term and very important event when participating in a congress, you must be dressed appropriately, but comfortably.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many conferences were held online, meaning that participants could watch the entire event without leaving their homes. The fact is that with the pandemic coming to an end, congresses are back to normal, and with that, it is necessary to travel to other cities and often take a suitcase full of clothes to spend a few days away from home. But after all, how do you know which clothes to bring? How to dress properly for a congress and what type of shoes to use? If you still have this type of doubt, stay with us and we'll help you!

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Pay attention to the event location and weather forecast

Before packing, an important tip is to take a look at the weather forecast. Weather can often deceive us, for this reason, it is important to take into account the place where the event will be held, observing not only its structure but also the region of the country where it is located.

Choose your favorite clothes

There are two types of clothes that everyone has in their closets, which are those considered by you as the darlings, that is, your favorites, and also the ones you bought on impulse, used once or twice, and never wore again.

At conference-type events, it's important to dress comfortably, so avoid wearing clothes that might bring some unpleasant surprise. Usually, the clothes we like the most take this title precisely because they fit perfectly to our body, thus bringing a sense of security. Invest in this type of piece when traveling to conferences. The same applies to shoes.

What colors to use?

In this type of event, it is preferable to opt for neutral colors or colors that call little attention, after all, you will be surrounded by professional colleagues and people who will share experiences with you, and it is important to remember that the purpose of the trip is precisely this: to acquire knowledge. In this sense, wear clothes that give a more serious look and convey credibility, avoiding extravagant prints or with a "comical" subtext. This doesn't mean you should dress super formal or with plain clothes, no prints, but you must be aware of the small details that make all the difference.

If the temperature is high, it is preferable to opt for lighter tones, for outside the visible color spectrum, black absorbs all colors, and that is why it is the hue that absorbs the most heat. White reflects all colors, so it hardly absorbs any heat.

Regardless of the colors, you decide to use, you must have a good fit between them. For example, if you wear a red shirt and green pants, it can bring a "Christmas" look, besides the fact that this is not a good combination.

What pieces of clothing to use?

Some events leave pre-defined in the invitation what the dress code will be, that is, what kind of clothes to use, and in that way, you just have to put together looks according to what was informed. To enhance comfort, some events can follow the chic sports line, for example. In this case, you can wear clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Another point to note is what role you will play in this event.

For women

To choose the best pieces of clothing, it is necessary to have harmony between them and establish a certain combination. This should also be noted concerning what you intend to use on your feet. If your look is just a dress, it's easier to decide what to wear. Depending on the time of year, the dress may have long sleeves, preventing you from needing a blazer, which also helps to reduce the volume of your luggage, for example. You can also opt for a suit set or even a jumpsuit, however, this last option may be a little less comfortable at times, like going to the bathroom, for example.

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If instead, you choose to use separate pieces (pants and shirt, for example), we have some tips to help you make your choice. Tailored pants are chic and at the same time casual, but that will depend on what you choose to wear on top, of course. Twill pants are also a good option because some have a more social model and are not even confused with jeans, for example. A pencil skirt is also a great option, as well as a long skirt, but in this second case, it is important to take into account the fabric of the piece, because depending on your material it can give the impression of something very informal.

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At the top, the ideal is to choose fabrics that collaborate with perspiration, especially on very hot days. There are several types of women's dress blouses, some even, despite having a more serious tone, are comfortable and end up being great for these occasions. You can opt for those traditional shirts with buttons or something more casual but avoid tank tops and necklines. If the day in question is very hot, give preference to garments with half-cave sleeves, because in addition to denoting chic and at the same time casual pieces, they don't expose the armpits and help to hold back perspiration.

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On your feet, opt for some shoes that you are already familiar with, that is, one that you know won't hurt you. For these occasions, you can use scarpin, moccasins, sneakers, among others. Some footwear brands are specialized in bringing together refinement and comfort in their pieces, being ideal for those who need elegance and comfort right now.

Here, the tip is also valid to avoid shoes with very thin heels and toes, because, in addition to making you feel more tired in less time, this type of shoe also tends to squeeze your feet. The scarpin, for example, should not have high or thin heels, so if you want to wear this type of shoe at this event, look for models that won't bother you. Some shoes have a wider heel and others are even square, which makes them more comfortable. The tip then is to opt for these models.

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For men

On some occasions, more formal attire may be required, so in these cases, the traditional suit and dress shirt are the key pieces to wear at a congress. If the event doesn't require so much formality that you wear a suit, you have several options that can go well with the occasion. Let's take some examples below.


At the bottom, pants will always predominate. You can choose from several types of pants: dress, tailoring, serge and even very dark jeans can fit well, depending of course on what you will wear on top. If you choose this last option, discard models that are too wide but avoid the very tight slim pants that mark the body, thus preferring a compromise.


At the top, you also have several options: dress shirts, whether long or short-sleeved, and even a discreet polo shirt can go down well (if the event takes place on a hot day and doesn't require anything overly formal). When we talk about something discreet, we are referring to clothes preferably in a single shade and without prints. If the temperature isn't too hot, you can complete the look with a blazer.


On your feet, everything will depend on the clothes you choose to wear. Dress shoes go very well with a tailored suit or pants, however, don't forget to choose a comfortable model. Some twill pants also usually go with dress shoes, but this will depend on the shoe model. Examples that look great with this type of pants are oxford-style dress shoes with a more rounded tip, giving them a little more casual air.


When we talk about more laid-back shoes many people are prejudiced against this item, but the real truth is that with the right model, you can make a good combination and enjoy your event without foot pain. It should be worn with a more laid-back type of clothing, so before setting it as your traveling shoes, make sure the event allows for that type of attire.

The advantage of shoes is that they are super comfortable and you can wear them with both twill pants, as with the darker jeans.


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