The term BPO, the acronym for Business Process Outsourcing, emerged in the mid-90s and has since gained increasing strength among companies and individual entrepreneurs, generating a significant reduction in operating costs for companies.

In its literal translation, Business Process Outsourcing means outsourcing of business processes, and it involves hiring business activities and functions that are not part of a company's central section. For example, a medical clinic aims to assist patients, make diagnoses, among other activities related to health. Thus, the finance sector can be outsourced and conducted by a specialized team, so that is where the Financial BPO comes in.

Therefore, we can see that BPO is a great option for those who want to have specialists at their disposal without losing focus on their business, while also increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Also, using the BPO service you will have greater financial security, clarity, and predictability.

To better address the topic, we talked to Aline Fogazzi, a Brazilian manager with 15 years of experience in administrative management. Currently, Aline provides Financial BPO services on behalf of the Kontari brand, a company founded by Jaqueline Rychescki, an accountant with over 23 years of experience in the market.

According to Aline, recently the subject of BPO Finance started to be more publicized in the market, and with the pandemic, the demand for the service increased even more, due to the constant search by companies for the reduction of their fixed costs. That was how the idea of a partnership between accountant Jaqueline and administrator Aline came up, creating a new product for the Kontari brand.

Jaqueline Rychescki and Aline Fogazzi, partners at Kontari.

Aline comments that BPO Finance is an innovative, intelligent, and practical service that will contribute to efficient financial management and will result in a reduction in company costs. The service is suitable for small and medium-sized companies, as well as small and medium-sized offices and clinics, and can be implemented when the clinic is starting.

Kontari accounting intelligence and the advantages of BPO

As Aline reports, those who use Kontari services have the advantage of not having to hire and train an employee just for that activity. Also, with experienced and qualified professionals who deliver the real financial situation of your company, the objective of this outsourcing is that the entrepreneur obtains more free time and energy for the core activities of his business, that is, those that produce the greatest financial results. Some of the services offered by Kontari are:

Accounts Payable and Receivable Management;

  • Issuance and sending of invoices;
  • Issuing and sending bank slips;
  • Cash flow report for monitoring;
  • Bank and cash reconciliation;
  • Implementation and training;
  • Monitoring metrics and results.

After implementing the Financial BPO, in addition to the reduction of expenses and the total focus on your business, it is possible to obtain several other benefits for your company, and some of them are quick information, clarity and predictability, financial security, document management and specialists at your disposal.

As previously mentioned, the Financial BPO is ideal for offices and clinics that are starting their activities, however, after the clinic's growth, services such as:

  • Classification and prioritization of accounts;
  • Initial financial diagnosis;
  • Cash flow (expected X realized);
  • Revenues;
  • Default report, arrears, payments, and receipts (weekly and monthly);


  • Annual budget (planned vs. realized);
  • Preparation of the budget to be followed;
  • Budget management;
  • Budget follow-up report (budget X made);
  • Monitoring of working capital (assistance for your company to maintain the normal operation of the business);
  • Suggested actions for improving results and monitoring actions.


  • Liabilities restructuring;
  • Result study by-product;
  • Remote consultancy 2h / month for global financial analysis;
  • Financial performance indexes;
  • Financial analysis with cost center;
  • Horizontal and vertical cash flow analysis.

The above benefits are classified into plans, where the customer can choose the one that best suits the needs of his company. Kontari offers 4 types of plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each plan includes a group of services provided by the company, the Bronze plan being the basic and the Diamond the most complete.

In addition to fixed plans, Kontari also gives the option to customize service packages according to the customer's needs, and payment is made through a monthly fee.

Finally, we asked Aline about her clients' information: whether any management software is used to store this data and how the implementation and training are carried out. Aline replies as follows:

"For healthcare customers who do not have a software, we recommend hiring Ninsaude Apolo, as it has all the features for the processes of a clinic or office. For customers in other branches, we have a partnership with financial management software. The implantation of customers in the operating system is carried out by the Kontari team, and once this is done, the user is given a user and password to access the platform. Both software is intuitive, requiring no specific training."

For those cases of customers who already have an operating system, and who wish to make the switch, Kontari analyzes the features that this system delivers, and adapts the work done by the team to this software. Kontari's differential is to deliver financial management services in line with the accounting management of small and medium-sized companies.

Did you like the tips? Keep following the blog to stay on top of more news! If you are looking for management software for your clinic, contact the Ninsaúde Apolo sales team, and for more details about the Financial BPO service, contact the Kontari team.