In the current digital landscape, personalization has become an essential feature to provide users with a unique and engaging experience. When it comes to the color palette of a system, we can say that customization is not only a superficial matter but also a way to meet the individual needs of users, thus establishing a connection with internal marketing.

The customization of a system not only satisfies the search for an aesthetically pleasing environment but also promotes a sense of control and identification, resulting in a more positive and meaningful interaction. Color preferences vary widely among individuals, influenced by cultural, emotional, and psychological factors. Allowing users to change the colors of a system not only reflects their personal choices but also creates a more inclusive environment where different user profiles can feel comfortable and connected.

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The colors and brand identity of the clinic

The brand identity of a health clinic is a visual, emotional, and cultural representation of the organization. It communicates who the clinic is, what it stands for, and how it wishes to be perceived by the public. Colors play a crucial role in building this identity as they have the power to evoke emotions, create associations, and establish an emotional connection with patients.

The consistent application of the clinic's colors across all marketing materials, website, uniforms, and physical environments creates an image of professionalism and cohesion. Patients will feel that they are dealing with a well-organized and reliable organization, thereby improving the relationship among the entire clinic team and contributing to internal marketing efforts.

The internal marketing actions targeted at an organization's employees. It is a crucial strategy for engaging and motivating employees, turning them into brand ambassadors. Therefore, the customization of the system with the clinic's colors also plays a vital role in internal marketing since colors are not just aesthetic elements but powerful tools for communicating values, creating recognition, and influencing patients' perception.

The colors and internal marketing in the clinic

When employees are engaged and satisfied with their work, they become brand ambassadors. Happy and motivated employees are more likely to convey a positive image of the clinic to patients and the general public. In this sense, internal marketing strategies play a crucial role in creating a more cohesive, motivating, and culturally aligned work environment.

When employees see the clinic's colors in their workplaces, they feel part of something greater. This creates a sense of identity and belonging to the organization, and when employees feel connected to the clinic's brand, they are more likely to strive to achieve the company's goals. In this way, we can say that when employees identify with the clinic's brand, they are more prone to take pride in their work and show loyalty to the organization. This not only increases job satisfaction but also reduces employee turnover.

Colors can also have a direct impact on the emotional state and motivation level of employees. Vibrant and positive colors can create a more inspiring and energetic work environment, which can boost productivity and engagement. Additionally, the consistent application of the clinic's colors across all departments and internal materials helps create a more cohesive work environment aligned with the clinic's values.

Therefore, when considering the importance of colors in your clinic, remember that the careful choice of colors and their consistent application will not only enhance brand identity but also strengthen relationships with patients and motivate employees to perform their roles more effectively. Customizing a system with the clinic's colors is a valuable investment in the long-term success of the organization.

Why use a customizable system? Advantages of customization

One of the main advantages of color customization is the creation of a more accessible experience. For many people with visual impairments, the standard color combination can be difficult to see. By giving users the ability to adjust colors, systems can become more readable and user-friendly for those with color blindness, low vision, or other visual conditions. This inclusion is an important step toward a more egalitarian digital society.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, color customization can have positive emotional impacts, having the power to evoke specific emotions and feelings. For example, shades of blue can convey tranquility, while vibrant colors like red and yellow can generate energy and enthusiasm. It's also important to note that a change in colors stimulates creativity, including that of the users themselves. Therefore, by allowing users to choose their preferred colors, systems can create a deeper emotional connection, making the experience more personal and engaging.

Thinking about the advantages of customization, the developers of the system for clinics Ninsaúde Clinic, have created the theme customization tool. With this new feature, it's possible to create your own themes or use themes that our team provides for importation. When the user applies a theme, it modifies the colors of the system for that specific user, which means that other users can use themes with different colors or can continue using the default Ninsaúde Clinic theme.

To start using the themes, just follow the step-by-step guide within Ninsaúde Clinic:

  1. Access the Settings menu;
  2. Access the Users submenu;
  3. Press the New button and then Themes;
  4. To create a theme, press the New button and then Add Theme;
  5. To use one of our ready-made themes, in this last step, after pressing the New button, click Import and choose one of the themes from the list by clicking on the arrow icon. In this area, it's also possible to import themes using codes, but we will talk about that later.

When you press Add Theme, first enter a description, i.e., the name of your theme. After that, you will have access to a series of tabs where you can make changes to the colors. To help you locate and know which screens of the system that color is a part of, press the information icon next to each color.

After making the changes, at the bottom of the page, you will find the Save button. On the left side of the screen, you will also see the buttons 'Test on open screens' and 'Restore theme from Ninsaúde Clinic'. By pressing Test on open screens, all open menus and submenus will display the new colors you added to the theme. This way, you can test the result as you make changes. Pressing this button, the system also asks if you want to make it your current theme. By pressing 'Ok,' the new theme you created will be linked to your user automatically.

All the new themes created will be in this section of the system (in Settings - Users - New - Themes). You can change your user's theme by accessing this area of the system or you can do it through your own user profile, as shown in the image below.

On the screen where the themes are registered, it is not necessary to access a specific theme to link it to your user. When hovering the mouse cursor over a theme, in addition to the trash can icon, which is basically used to delete it, you can view the following icons:

  • Pencil - click on the pencil icon to edit a saved theme;
  • Update - click on the update icon to use this specific theme;
  • Export - click on the export icon to access a code. This code can be shared with people outside the clinic who also use Ninsaúde Clinic, allowing them to use the theme you created within their Ninsaúde Clinic access account.
Theme options icons: delete, edit, use theme and export.

Importing Themes

When selecting the Import option, the user will have two methods of importing: public and by code. In the code option, it is necessary that a ready-made theme be exported, and through the export, a code will be generated that should be entered in this area of the system. For example, if you have a colleague from another clinic who also uses the Ninsaúde Clinic system if they create a custom theme, they can export the theme and generate a code. Upon receiving the code, you should access the 'Import' -> 'By code' option and paste the code that was given to you.

The other option we have is to import ready-made themes that are available in the 'Public' tab. The themes you find in this area were developed by our team so that you can use them without the need to manually customize the system. To import one of our themes, after accessing the Public tab, just click on the Import option (arrow icon on the right side of the theme). After importing, you can simply use the theme in your user profile.

The themes we provide have palettes in shades of pink, blue, yellow, purple, and red, among others, as well as the dark theme, Dark Mode.

Choose a theme and click the arrow icon to import
Ninsaude Clinic System Light Blue Theme
Some of the available themes in Ninsaúde Clinic: blue, yellow, pink, red, and dark mode.

Use of Dark Mode in medical clinic systems

Dark Mode, or dark theme, is an interface design option that inverts the traditional color palette, replacing light backgrounds with dark backgrounds and light text with softer text. In recent years, Dark Mode has become a growing trend in the interface design industry and has been adopted by many systems and applications. Its use goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering significant benefits for usability, visual health, and energy efficiency.

With the increasing use of digital screens in various situations, such as low-light environments, Dark Mode has become a valuable option. Therefore, Dark Mode is often used by people who are sensitive to the light of brighter themes. Many internet browsers, applications, and websites, in general, have Dark Mode, and now the medical clinic system Ninsaúde Clinic also has this option.

Advantages and Importance of Dark Mode in Clinic Systems

Dark Mode is not just a passing trend but a significant evolution in how digital interfaces are designed and used. Its ability to enhance the user experience, save energy, and reduce visual fatigue in some individuals makes it an excellent choice for systems aiming to provide a high-quality experience to modern users. This is the case for receptionists, administrators, doctors, and other professionals who use Ninsaúde Clinic, and who can now benefit from the color switch through our themes. Check out some advantages and benefits of Dark Mode below.

  • Energy Savings: On devices with OLED and AMOLED screens, Dark Mode can save energy. This is because these screens can turn off individual pixels when displaying pure black, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to light backgrounds.
  • Improved Readability: The contrast between light text and a dark background can enhance readability, especially in low-light conditions. This is particularly beneficial for nighttime reading or in environments with low light.
  • Style and Modernity: Dark Mode provides a modern and elegant aesthetic that many users find attractive. It can also help highlight visual elements and create a sense of depth in the interface.

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