The electronic signature is a technology used to digitally sign documents, making paper and pen unnecessary. This type of technology is equivalent to a handwritten signature, therefore the digital signature for doctors can be used for the patient to sign a contract, or consent term, among other types of documents.

With the software Ninsaúde Clinic, you can send documents to your patients without the need to hire a digital signature app for medical clinics, this is because Ninsaúde Clinic has an electronic signature tool that can be linked to the clinic's documents.

In addition to eliminating the obligation to print (which in a way is already an advantage, because that way you will be saving toner, cartridge, and paper), the digital signature also brings convenience to both doctors and patients, since the document can be signed without both parties being in the same place, physically speaking. This makes it possible for such a document to be sent to the patient before or after the appointment, and not necessarily during the appointment. Besides, if the patient is being treated through telemedicine, not only will their consultation be online, but they can also digitally sign the document.

Currently, some companies sell tools for digital signatures. The fact is that the vast majority of them are not integrated into the medical software you use. In addition, to do such an integration would require much more time and money, so why not combine the useful with the pleasant?

When using the system for Ninsaúde Clinic clinics, since the system already has its own digital signature tool for physicians, the health professional does not need to leave the setting in which he is used to signing, simply select the document and send it with a few clicks.

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On which occasions to use Ninsaúde Clinic Sign?

Several documents can be electronically signed, therefore you will have many opportunities to use Ninsaúde Clinic Sign. Check below some situations in which you can use this tool.

  • Informed consent form: this document is used for the patient to record that he is allowing himself to undergo a certain medical procedure. Informed consent gives the patient the right to better understand and participate in any decision that is made regarding their treatment, it is necessary that the doctor alert you about the risks and benefits that such treatment may cause you, also making it clear how much this could affect the psychophysical integrity of the patient.
  • Term of Free and Informed Consent: if any research is carried out in your clinic, you can use Ninsaúde Clinic Sign to collect signatures from volunteers. The Informed Consent Form must be prepared by the responsible researcher and must use clear and objective language that allows the understanding of the research participant. Once this is done, the participant will be able to sign the term expressing himself in a conscious, free and enlightened way.
  • Budgets: the medical budget or surgical budget is provided to the patient shortly after scheduling their procedure. This document has information regarding materials, medications, and exams that are or are not included in the budget, among others. After creating a budget, the professionals involved can digitally sign it to be sent to the patient online.
  • Contracts: service provision contracts concluded between the doctor and the patient can also receive the electronic signature of Ninsaúde Clinic Sign. A good example of this is service contracts, which are also used in the field of dentistry by dentists, especially by orthodontists, as they deal with orthodontic appliances that require monthly maintenance.

How to make a digital signature with Ninsaúde Clinic Sign?

Within the software Ninsaúde Clinic, you must access the Applications menu. Then, within the Ninsaúde Clinic Store, you must activate the Ninsaúde Clinic Sign* functionality. The digital signature app for physicians can be used in two different places within the system: in the Applications menu itself or inside the patient's file.

When using the Ninsaúde Clinic Sign in the patient's registration, just select a document template that is ready or create the document on this same screen. If you are using the Ninsaúde Clinic Sign area in the Applications menu, the only difference is that you will need to select the patient's record in the indicated field.

When saving, you define whether the document will have an electronic signature or not. If not, the document can be used to post a budget, and if it is necessary to send it by email, just edit and activate the signature. By activating the electronic signature option, you can include the e-mails of the signatories so that they can receive the document and sign it. For this, you must change the status to Issued and then save.

The signature is made with a heading, being performed by touching the screen when using cell phones and tablets or using the mouse when on a computer or laptop. An important point about the electronic signature is that it can only be sent and validated through an e-mail address, that is, it is not possible to do it via SMS or Whatsapp, which means that the patient needs an email to sign their documents.

If this is the first time you or your patient is signing a document electronically, it will be necessary to enter some personal data (such as document number and date of birth) and register a password, in addition to serving in the future as your identification to sign other documents, it will also help to validate your signature. Registering the signature is required only once, in your next documents you will only have to inform your password and select the saved signature.

After the document is signed by all parties (including the witnesses), both will receive an email that the document has been completed. The signature platform confirms the authenticity of documents signed in Ninsaúde Clinic Sign, with its subscription model based on an auditable verification process that has been used in the industry for over 25 years, fully meeting the specific requirements of the American eSignature Act and the European Union's eIDAS.

How to verify the authenticity of a document?

After completing the electronic signature of a document, when accessing it through your e-mail, on the left side of the screen you can check the entire history of actions carried out in this document, in addition to being able to see who the signatories involved are. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the 3 dots and choose Download file. Then you can choose how you want to view the document or save it.

In addition to the original document, it is also possible to access the signed PDF by including the audit page at the end of the file. By scanning the QR Code located in the lower right corner of the page, it is possible to verify the authenticity of the document.

Electronic Signature x Digital Signature

It is important to know that despite the similar names, these terms have some differences between them. Electronic Signature is the term used to define any type of electronic acceptance. The Digital Signature is considered a type of electronic signature with pre-established verification methods that, are generally more complex than tracking an acceptance.

However, both the digital signature and the electronic signature have legal validity, and in short, the process used for the signature does not matter, but what the data generated as evidence for the same. For this reason, when you use Ninsaúde Clinic Sign, the subscription platform captures personal and action data such as document number, date of birth, e-mail, time, IP, and geolocation. In other words, all this data serves to validate the authenticity of the document signed by you.

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*The use of Ninsaúde Clinic Sign has an additional cost. Check with our consultants about the value per health professional.