Cloud storage systems have been gaining prominence in the technology market for some time, and if you use an "old-fashioned" system, that is, installed on the computer in need of a local server, you will certainly change your mind when you meet the cloud system benefits.

What is a cloud medical system?

Cloud stored systems are online systems, they do not need to be installed on the computer and therefore do not require space in the memory of the machine where it will be used. In addition, they can be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones.

Where is the data stored?

As its name suggests, all data is stored "in the cloud". The cloud is the server, which is responsible for saving all data entered in the system. It is the same mechanism used by Gmail, for example, as it is only necessary to open a web browser, access the desired address, insert login and password and your data will all be there.

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What are the advantages?

Reduced cost

The cost of online software is much less than an installed one, starting with the fact that you will not need an exclusive computer to use as a server, as previously mentioned, the data will be stored in the cloud.

Besides, generally installed software will have the cost of installation and maintenance, while the cloud software you pay only a monthly fee or annual fee with no membership fee.


To explain the security level of cloud software, let's take Ninsaúde Apolo medical software as an example. In it, cloud platform services always encrypt stored content without any action from the client, using one or more encryption mechanisms. These same policies and management are adopted by Google and Gmail. The level of security can also be compared to that used in banks, more specifically for access to Internet Banking.

Another point is the fact that there is no local server, but Data Centers, which in the case of Ninsaúde Apolo are 30 spread over South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. As for installed software, the only existing server is the local server, so any problem that may happen, such as theft, or an electrical discharge that results in burnt machines, may affect the entire work routine of the clinic.


Because no installation is required, cloud software can be used anytime, anywhere, and from any device! They work like a social network or e-mail, just access through the browser and enter your login and password to access the information.

And if there is a problem with the clinic's internet connection, what to do? Take Ninsaúde Apolo as an example, which is a responsive website, that is, it adapts to mobile platforms, you can access the cell phone system using your 4G. The system is super light and with fast loading, so everything you have access to by computer can also access from your smartphone or tablet.