The Digital Certificate can be considered the electronic identity of individuals and companies. It is used to sign electronic documents, so it is also known as a digital signature.

Digital IDs provide a more complete security solution, ensuring the identity of everyone involved in a transaction. In the area of health, digital certificates are also used to sign prescriptions.

In the medical software Ninsaúde Apolo, health professionals who have a digital certificate are guaranteed that not only will their prescriptions be signed, but also their medical records, which will thus contain legal validity. For use in the medical record, the certificate must be type A1. As for the signature of the recipes, now with the integration made with Nexodata, the health professional can also use a type A3 certificate at Ninsaúde Apolo.

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The type A1 digital certificate is an electronic document installed directly in the software and does not depend on cards or tokens for its use. Valid for 1 year for the A1 type, your password must be entered only once during installation.

The type A3 digital certificate, on the other hand, normally needs to be stored on some hardware, such as a card or token. For this reason, it can only be used on a single device at a time, as the card or token must be connected to the device at the time of use. Whenever it is necessary to use it on other equipment, you must take the hardware to it and perform a new configuration.

Unlike the A1 certificate, the A3 is valid for 3 years, and although it also has an access password, this password must be informed every time the certificate is used. Another important detail is that, if you enter your password 3 times incorrectly, the certificate will be blocked, being necessary to obtain a new one.

Regardless of whether a certificate is A1 or A3, it is also important to pay attention to another detail: whether it corresponds to an individual or a legal entity. In general, health professionals acquire a certificate for individuals.

Certification authorities

In Brazil, we call the certification authority the entity responsible for issuing digital certificates. There are several certifiers in Brazil, and to use a certificate at Ninsaúde Apolo, you can purchase it at any certifier, including at a post office. The values may vary according to the certifier.

Although the purchase of a digital certificate can be made through the internet, in Brazil, it is necessary to present yourself at one of the points of sale so that the certificate can be validated and issued, which is usually done by appointment.

To facilitate the use of the Nexodata tool in Brazil, used when issuing medical prescriptions, some of the following certifiers are indicated:

Soluti (Bird ID) - the Bird ID certificate is a product of the Soluti certifier. Bird ID has an application, where through it, you can view the usage history, allowing you to know when and by whom your certificate was used.

Safeweb (SafeID) - the SafeID certificate is a product of the Safeweb certifier. Despite offering a period of use of only 1 year, it is possible to extend the use of the certificate for up to 5 years, online, upon new hire.

Valid (VIDaaS) - the VIDaaS certificate is a product of the Valid certifier. This digital cloud certificate gives you the right to use 1 year, with up to 30,000 signatures per month.

It is worth remembering that for the signature on Ninsaúde Apolo's medical records, it is recommended to use the type A1 certificate, installed directly in the system. Because the system is in the cloud, once the certificate is installed, it can be used on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, during service, because it will be linked to the system and not the device in use.

Already the A3 certificates, as mentioned above, have a different operation, and in this case, they should only be used in Ninsaúde Apolo to prescribe drugs through Nexodata.

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