With the Panel function within Ninsaúde Apolo, managing the clinic's waiting room was much easier and more agile. Through this functionality, it is possible to add audible and visual warnings to the reception monitor so that the health professional can call his patients with just one click.

On the screen for appointments of the day, the health professional can choose the option "Call on the panel" and also insert a personalized message. Generally, this message will indicate the service room, block, and floor.  In addition to practicality, secretaries and receptionists are free to do other tasks.

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To start using the panel, it is necessary to connect a monitor to the reception computer via HDMI or Chromecast cable. Then, it is necessary to choose which type of panel to use. The system offers three versions of panels, along with six sound options for the call.

Regardless of the version, the name of the patient, the professional who is making the call, and the personalized message indicating the location of the service will be visible on all of the panels.

How to configure the panel?

Accessing the Applications menu and then the Panels submenu, press the "New" button and then select a panel.

In addition to the traditional panel where only calls will be displayed - the last six patients called on the panel will be available on the screen - it is also possible to choose panels with videos or news, making it possible to entertain patients between calls.

In the news calls version, you can choose one of the pre-selected news feeds or insert a custom one, but it’s worth remembering that the link must be an RSS type.
Between calls, it is possible to view the news on the panel screen, and after each patient is called, their name and a personalized message from the professional are separated horizontally below the news, where the last three calls will be listed on the panel.

In the video calls version, you can insert the link of a YouTube video or playlist so that they are displayed between calls. The way of viewing is similar to that of news: the videos are displayed in a larger space and below the horizontal are listed the last three patients called.

After choosing the panel and saving, it is necessary to press on Open Panel so that it is active and thus drag the window that has just opened to the monitor where the panel will be used. This process must be done every day when arriving at the clinic so that the panel can make the calls.

On the schedule page, there is a shortcut so that you can open the panel more quickly so that secretaries and receptionists can be in charge of this function. To do this, just press the icon with three dots above the agenda, and then the Open panel.