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In the current and dynamic healthcare sector, efficiency and effectiveness in communication with patients have become increasingly essential. With the goal of optimizing this fundamental aspect of patient care, Ninsaúde Clinic has adopted an innovative call panel system.

The call panel is a tool that stands out for its ability to offer a more personalized and human experience, replacing conventional methods of numerical or generic passwords with direct calls that announce the names of the patients. The implementation of this method not only humanizes the waiting process but also increases operational efficiency, reducing confusion and waiting time, and consequently, improving patient satisfaction.

In this article, in addition to highlighting the importance of more personalized care, we will explore how the Ninsaúde Clinic's call panel integrates with other technologies and processes within the clinic, aiming to create a more cohesive and efficient workflow. Additionally, we will address the challenges faced in implementing this system and how they were overcome, as well as examine the potential impact of this innovation in the healthcare sector as a whole.

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Why Use Call Panels?

Call panels are implemented with the main objective of enhancing communication within the clinical environment, providing a more personalized and comfortable experience for patients. In the case of Ninsaúde Clinic's call panel, by adopting the use of the patient's name instead of passwords or generic numbers, the system not only reduces the stress and anxiety associated with waiting but also promotes a welcoming and respectful environment, essential for the well-being of patients during care.


Maintaining a personalized approach in the clinical environment is fundamental not only for patient comfort but also for the operational efficiency of the clinic. In this sense, Ninsaúde Clinic's call panel system was designed to optimize the management of patient flow, allowing the clinical team to better manage waiting time and organize care in a more agile and systematic way. This not only improves patient satisfaction but also increases team productivity.

Additionally, this advanced call system helps to reduce possible communication errors, ensuring that the correct patient is attended to at the appropriate time. It is worth remembering that the technology behind these panels is integrated with the Ninsaúde Clinic management system for clinics, which allows conducting electronic scheduling and electronic medical records, facilitating access to important information and making the calling process more efficient and less prone to errors.

In summary, the use of call panels at Ninsaúde Clinic not only humanizes the patient experience but also represents an important step in the continuous improvement of clinical processes, contributing significantly to the efficiency, organization, and quality of patient care.

Ninsaúde Clinic Call Panel. Freepik

Time Optimization with Ninsaúde Clinic Call Panel

The Ninsaúde Clinic Call Panel is an innovative technological tool, designed to improve the patient experience and optimize the flow of care in clinics. This system replaces the traditional password model with a more advanced and personalized method, using the patient's name for calls. The process begins with the patient's check-in at the reception, where data is entered into the system. Once registered by the clinic's reception team, the call panel comes into action, organizing the waiting queue and notifying patients sequentially and clearly according to the team's command.

The underlying technology of the call panel is highly efficient, allowing real-time updates and ensuring that patients are called in an orderly and effective manner. This not only improves clarity in communication but also minimizes confusion and reduces waiting time, resulting in a more satisfactory experience for the patient.

Moreover, the system is integrated with other functionalities of the clinic, such as schedule management and electronic medical records. This means that as soon as the patient checks in, it is possible to access relevant information within the system itself, such as medical history, and indicate the appropriate room or office, taking into account the specific needs of each patient. This integration of information contributes to more agile and personalized care, ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-prepared for each consultation.


Marketing and Profitability with Call Panel

The Ninsaúde Clinic's call panel is not just a tool to improve patient experience and care efficiency, but also proves to be an innovative means for marketing strategies and generating additional revenue. During intervals between patient calls, the panel offers a unique space for displaying carefully selected advertisements, opening new avenues for profitability and customer engagement. Here's how you can further highlight your clinic with the use of the call panel:

Educational Health Campaigns

The call panel is an ideal platform for disseminating important educational information about health. This can involve campaigns on awareness and prevention of chronic diseases, health and well-being tips, vaccination information, and preventive measures for various health conditions. Such campaigns not only inform and educate patients but also highlight the clinic's commitment to promoting health and disease prevention, strengthening its image as an institution deeply concerned with the well-being of the community.

Promotion of Internal Clinic Services

The call panel offers an excellent opportunity to highlight the full range of services available at the clinic. This includes promoting regular check-ups, specialized exams, vaccinations, follow-up consultations, and other medical and well-being procedures. By doing this, the clinic not only increases awareness about its services but also encourages patients to actively engage in their own health care. Moreover, this can include the dissemination of new technologies or treatment techniques available, reinforcing the clinic's image as a health innovation center.

Example of how to use the call panel to promote the clinic's internal services. (Image: Freepik)

Partnerships with Pharmacies and Health Suppliers

Displaying health and wellness product advertisements in collaboration with pharmacies and other suppliers can create a significant additional revenue stream. These partnerships may include the promotion of prescription medications, supplements, home health monitoring equipment, and general well-being products. These ads can be particularly effective when they are targeted to the specific health conditions or needs of the patients who frequent the clinic, thus providing a more personalized and relevant experience.

Customized Advertisements

Using demographic and health information from patients, the clinic can target its advertisements more efficiently, offering products and services directly relevant to the target audience. This can include personalized recommendations for check-ups based on age or sex, information on managing specific chronic conditions, or even health and wellness products that align with the needs and interests of the patients. This targeted marketing approach not only increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns but also improves the patient experience, making them feel more understood and cared for by the clinic.

Implementing these strategies through the call panel, clinics can not only increase profitability but also strengthen the relationship with patients, offering them significant added value through informative and relevant content.

Thus, we highlight that implementing a marketing strategy through the call panel not only boosts the profitability of the clinic but also strengthens the relationship with patients. This multifaceted approach to patient care ensures that the clinic not only remains financially healthy but also stands out in the competitive health market, combining patient care with innovation in services.

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