In the second semester of 2019 Amazon announced the Portuguese version of Alexa, the virtual assistant that executes several tasks through voice commands.

"Amazon Alexa, or simple Alexa, is a virtual intelligent assistant developed and subsidized by The Echo devices connect to the service, allowing the capacity of voice interactions, playing songs, making tasks lists, setting up alarms, giving information about traffic, the climate, among others, and also can control other connected systems and smart devices."

It is hard to think that this technology, that seemed so limited not so long ago, gained such big proportions, but what just a few know, is that this voice command tool was used for the first time in the '60s by IBM, in a dispositive that could only comprehend 16 words.

With the passage of years and more development, many started to invest in this technology for companies and work-related uses, and this tool gained the spotlight in 2011 with Siri, Apple's own voice assistant, based on their smartphone technology.

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As it got more popular, the voice assistants started to be used by many companies from different areas, like Lamborghini.

The Italian manufacturer has brought Alexa voice assistant to the Huracan Evo 2020 model, which has commands for controlling the AC temperature, changing songs, and even activating the sits heater.

Obviously, this is just one of many examples that we could mention here, but the more exciting is that Alexa can be used in the healthcare field.

Soon, people will be able to schedule health appointments with a voice assistant. This technology brings huge benefits to the patients, who will have more comfort and practicality scheduling health services.

As for the clinics, they will be able to enhance the number of schedulings and lessen the time spent on phone calls.

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